As a teenager, you were probably taught about ethical behavior. As you read this, you might be thinking to yourself that the recommendations I’m about to give you are useless, as you already know how to use the Internet and conduct yourself properly. You might be wrong, as I am about to show you, as a teenager, how to use the Internet safely and responsibly, as well as demonstrate that ethics and technology go hand in hand.
Teachers need to find ways to provide the tools that students need to succeed. They can have the students spend time in class preparing for exams, using the time to gain the background knowledge that will help them succeed. It’s difficult for teachers to prepare for every possible scenario in class, so most teachers look to the Internet to help.
This leads to the question of whether or not students have the responsibility to be safe on the Internet, or whether or not teachers should have that responsibility. I’m going to demonstrate that yes, you do have the responsibility to be safe online. You’ll also learn more about the social aspects of the Internet, and why they are important to consider when using the Internet.
Ethics Beyond High School – Academic Ethics and Internet Use Conclusion:
The main reason why I wrote this article was to demonstrate that everyone should have the responsibility to be safe on the Internet, and that you should be safe online, as well. It is your responsibility to be safe online, and it is also important to think about why you’re using the Internet. If you’re safe online, then you will get the most out of the Internet and will increase your chances of succeeding academically.
So the bottom line is this: use the Internet responsibly, and be safe online. As a teenager, you are the ones who will benefit the most from the use of the Internet, so make sure to take advantage of it and use it responsibly.
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